Bar/Counter Bar Overdentures

This treatment is advised for patients aged 60 or more, who are suffering from extreme bone loss. Patients who decide to proceed with overdentures have cases of resorption of the bone’s lV degree, accompanied by a loss of more than 3 cm of bite height.

Our implantologist and prosthesis doctor will be in charge of the entire procedure, including the follow-up. About 4-6 implants are placed per jaw, for a waiting period of 3 to 6 months. Then these implants are used to make a metal bar which will serve for the retention /fixation of the total prosthesis. The product is not stationary and is extremely hygienic. The face anatomy is restored, with jaws that reside correctly because of the dental-skeletal work.

Tools and Technology
We craft high-quality teeth that are both functional and of aesthetic value. We use some of the best products in the market, starting with the quick-setting, self-curing denture repair resin from Bredent.

The product is of maximum quality and made in the UK. We also use seminobile alloys, which give an elastic finish and are perfect for overdentures.

How much does it cost?

Price depends on the treatment plan chosen for your needs. Contact us for more.

How long will my procedure last?

The procedure lasts from 60 to 120 minutes. The number of appointments varies from the patient’s condition.

Do I have to repeat the procedure?

No, you don’t have to repeat this procedure, unless the treatment fails to be permanent in the patient’s mouth.

Is there a next prevention phase?

If the patient doesn’t undergo the treatment on time, the bone continues to be consumed to the point where it can no longer be implanted and the patient must wear a simple removable prosthesis. In this case, the next prevention phase is bone augmentation, subperiosteal implants, pterygoid implants and zygomatic implants.