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Smile makeover

This package improves the appearance of the smile through one or more procedures, such as veneers, composites, implants, teeth whitening, etc. During the evaluation process, our technicians create a dedicated package for the patient that will solve all their problems in the smile’s anatomy and aesthetics.

It is preferable to be performed on patients aged 18 to 50 years old, as an older age can intervene in the effectiveness of the treatment. Smile makeover solves complications like caries, destructured teeth, defects in shape, teeth development and size, etc. The prosthesis doctor conducts the rehabilitation of one or both jaws on the teeth with crowns or E-max veneers.

Tools and Technology
This procedure is perfect for patients who don’t like the current teeth shape, colour or position of teeth. We can change our patients’ smiles completely, starting from the well-done measures with an intraoral scanner, following with model studies, concluding with a complex study of the face and jaw relations. The results are impressive.

We use the best zirconia, lithium disilicate, and porcelain, creating high-quality products in our dental laboratory.

How much does it cost?

Price depends on the treatment plan chosen for your needs. Contact us for more.

How long will my procedure last?

The procedure lasts about 60 minutes. Depending on the case at hand, we evaluate the number of sessions necessary. 

Do I have to repeat the procedure?

No, you don’t have to repeat this procedure, unless the treatment fails to be permanent in the patient’s mouth.

Is there a next prevention phase?

If the patient has not done the procedure, a progression of carious pathologies may happen or accelerated bite disorders. This means continuous dentist appointments and costly maintenance treatments