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Hello! I'm Malvina, CEO of “The Clinic”. I completed my studies at the Faculty of Foreign Languages in Tirana. My previous work experiences have given me the management and administrative skills needed to oversee all activities of “The Clinic” under this role. I wish you a satisfying experience in our clinic and thank you for choosing us!

My name is Dea and I am 27 years old. I completed my studies at the Faculty of Dentistry, in Tirana. Immediately after completing my studies in 2017, I started my first experience as a dentist and dental expert, continuing my education with further courses and training. Now, I dedicate myself with great commitment to “The Clinic” patients.

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I'm Kevin, 27 years old. I have completed my studies at the Faculty of Dentistry in Tirana. Then, I have completed training and professional courses, in Albania and abroad, in the field of implantology. Currently, I am specializing in Maxillofacial Surgery and I share my experience working at "The Clinic" as a surgeon and prosthetist with maximum dedication to my patients.

I'm Xhesika, 23 years old. I am a recent graduate and part of the group of excellence at “Aldent” University. I am currently working at “The Clinic” as a dental assistant and soon, I will be close to the patients of "The Clinic" and to the team of experts, as a dentist.

I'm Ingrid, 24 years old. I graduated from the University of Medicine, Tirana and I am waiting for my license to practice my profession as a dentist. Currently, I am dedicating myself to work at "The Clinic", being close to patients and the team in the position of a dental assistant.

I'm Kejsi, 23 years old. I have graduated with honours in the field of dentistry at the University of Medicine in Tirana and currently, I am waiting to attain my license. I have become a part of “The Clinic’s” team as a dental assistant and will soon be working with them as a dental expert and dentist.

I am Andreina, 22 years old. I am a graduate and licensed in the field of General Nursing at the University of Medicine, Tirana. The several months of the professional practice performed at the University Hospital Center "Mother Teresa" during and after my studies, have prepared me to take maximum care of the well-being of our patients.

I'm Angela, 26 years old. I have completed my Bachelor studies in Medical Imaging at the "Aleksandër Xhuvani" university in Elbasan. After, I attended the Faculty of Technical Medical Sciences in Tirana, for my master’s degree. Previous professional experience has provided me with the right skills to be today a coordinator and radiologist at "The Clinic".

I am Sidorela, 23 years old. I graduated from the "Information Technology Studies" branch at the "Ismail Qemali" University in Vlora. Currently, I take care of the image of "The Clinic" in the role of Marketing Manager, overseeing the continuity of promotional materials about the clinic, our online presence and more.

I am Elmas Sali. I am responsible for the important process of transportation and logistics. As a dedicated driver for our patients coming from abroad, I make sure that they arrive on time and in good health at the clinic. Also, I am always available to transport them to all the destinations they want to visit during their stay.

I am Milite Tanushi. I work at "The Clinic" as a sanitation worker. I help keep the clinic’s premises in maximum order and have good hygiene, creating a good working environment for all the staff, and a safer and more relaxing experience for our patients.

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