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Modern-day dentistry, done with mindfulness

Foreword from our CEO

Welcome to The Clinic - One of the most technologically advanced dental clinics in Albania

The Clinic is a dental practice focusing on oral surgery and dental consultancy, offering a 360 degree coverage of every problem related to gum and teeth health. Our mission is born from a really simple thought:

Where can someone get useful advice and quality treatment, all at affordable prices? 

We all want good service and good results, with a price tag that makes sense. "The Clinic" is exactly this kind of place.”

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Our smile is an important feature that tells a lot about us. It shows when we are happy and comfortable. It makes us look young and healthy.

But we know that it is not easy to preserve the smile of our youth. As we grow, our bodies change, and our smile changes with it. We have to take care more and spend a lot more at dentists. Some people settle for expensive treatments, some settle for a quality they can afford, and some just decide to avoid it. That’s what we wanted to create; a place for all types.

We want you to get a unique smile that looks good, isn’t expensive, and most importantly, lasts a lifetime. Our experience goes for years. Our care goes beyond.

At “The Clinic”, you will encounter the most professional and caring team, determined to give you a pleasant trip you will remember every time you will smile.

Looking forward to meeting you

Malvina Zhelegu


With years of experience, and wealth of knowledge at your disposal.

Get to know The Clinic Team a little better...

Why choose us

Latest top-technologies

High Tech Artistry

60% cheaper

No hidden fees

A comfortable and soothing environment
Fast and better results

Team of professionals with

years of experience

Polite and helpful staff
Personal Concierge at your disposal

Only 1 week in Tirana / No more than 5 appointments

The Clinic in a day




Our in-house dental lab helps us to create each working piece according to your schedule, with no downtime and unnecessary delays. 

Benefits of an IN-HOUSE LAB

Visualize your smile!

You are ready to do the procedure and your mind is set. If only you could really see what you would look like after. 

Now you can with the Digital Smile Design Software!



Our scanners transfer all the work to the computer, from where the design and product modelling procedure will then begin.

Experienced technicians

Our team is made of 20 dental artists, who work behind the scenes to create flawless products, under the wing of our italina director, with 25 years of experience in labs all over Italy.

High-tech Artistry

We deliver every service backed by the latest tech gadgets in the field.

Digital Chair

  • Automated operations for better performance
  • Shadowless and cool light to not hurt your eyes
  • High vacuum suction and low vacuum motorized suction
  • Maximum comfort with adjustable height and rotatable seats

Intraoral Scanner

  • Only 1 minute to capture a digital impression of prepared teeth. 
  • Just 45 seconds for an impression of the teeth in the opposite arch.
  • Able to enlarge and manipulate the image for enhanced detail.
  • Digitally stored scans in folders.

3D Scan and Print

  • Able to inspect dental anatomy from different angles. 
  • Gain a better view of bone structures in order to better locate fractures and measure more accurately anatomical structures.  
  • 3D implants and crowns built accurately from the patient’s dentition 
  • Dental restoration is completely adapted to the patient.

We think about every step of the journey

Diagnosis Solutions Proposal

After you contact our team and present the need for one of our services, we start to analyze your case to create a tailored solution for your circumstances. After we decide what is the best direction to go, we reach out to you right away with a detailed plan.

Personalized treatment plan

Every procedure proposal we create is personalized according to your needs. When you arrive, you will only have to visit our clinic 4-5 times on the scheduled dates, for no more than 2 hours a day. After that, the whole day will be yours!

Constant communication

From the moment you contact us requesting a service, we will start a constant line of communication to keep you always informed for every update at any moment. We will send you emails and explanatory videos for every step of the process, so you can never be in the dark. 


services we provide

Everything you need in one place.

Routine dental treatments and prevention work to protect and extend your oral health.


Discover the entire range of prosthetic work, done impeccably by our dental experts.

Medical procedures related to teeth, gums, and mouth, conducted by our dental surgeons.

Get the perfect smile through diagnosing and treating teeth and jaw irregularities.


Questions about the procedure

How long will the procedure last?

This depends entirely on the procedure at hand. However, we always make sure to create a comfortable environment and have a fast pace at work, to not take too much of your time in a day.

How is the equipment sanitized?

After the procedure, the dental hygienists disinfect the armchair and the entire room. The instruments are passed to the sterilization room, where are put in ultrasonics and then washed. Then they are wrapped in plastic wrap and finally put in the autoclave for complete sterilization.

Will I have to pay for the general check-up before the treatment?

No, the pre-treatment general check is free.

How many payment methods are available?

We offer all payment methods: cash, card, bank transfers.

Questions about the trip

Do I have a free round-trip or one-way ticket?

This depends on the treatment plan and the price of the procedure. We always try to be sensible towards our patients and give them the opportunity to have the best experience, no matter their finances.

Will I have an internet connection at the hotel I have been assigned to?

The hotels we are partnering with are located near the centre of Tirana and have all the needed amenities and standards to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Do I have to come back for a second or third phase of the treatment?

This also depends on the treatment plan. On average, patients who have implants have to come twice, but there are also slightly more complicated cases that patients have to return for a third time.

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