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The PMMA (poly-methyl-met-acrylate) resin crowns are excellent for patients that are planning to have a definitive crown restoration. This resin material can be used for every age range, for patients aged 20 to 80 years old. The prosthetist and our team of dental assistants will be in charge of the procedure, from beginning to the final follow-up appointments. 

Temporary crowns are used because, while the patient is waiting to make the final crowns, it is advisable to wear this “protective shield” for aesthetic and functional reasons. This serves both the patient and the prosthetist because the provisional crowns protect the dental structure and give the patient a preview of what the final crowns will look like.

Tools and Technology
Our dental laboratory is able to make the patient’s temporary crowns within a day. They will be fully personalized and aesthetic.

The temporary crown preserves the cults while the final crown is expected and creates natural gingival modelling for better final results. We use PMMA resin for CAD-CAM of very high quality.

How much does it cost?

Price depends on the treatment plan chosen for your needs. Contact us for more.

How long will my procedure last?

The procedure will last only 2-3 sessions, 60 minutes each. 

Do I have to repeat the procedure?

You have to repeat the procedure every 3-6 months. 

Is there a next prevention phase?

If the patient has not done this procedure, they may be uncomfortable because the teeth are unprotected while waiting for the definitive crowns. The prosthetist may possibly have difficulties in the definitive prosthesis and may have to perform devitalization.