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This procedure is advised for patients with large losses of tooth structure. It is suited for every age group older than 6 years old. Inlay/Onlay can be performed when the patient is suffering from caries or crown fractures that are not suitable for filling or crown. The biggest benefit of this procedure is that it biologically and mechanically protects the tooth structure.

Our dental experts conduct the procedure from the beginning to the follow-up after. A cavity preparation, measures and occlusion are taken. The inlay/onlay is produced in our in-house laboratory and cemented in the prepared place in the mouth.

Tools and Technology
Our dental laboratory is equipped with the best technology to craft top quality products with the best materials in the market for zirconia, lithium disilicate, etc.

Our team of laboratory technicians have years of experience with demanding case studies concluded successfully.  

How much does it cost?

Price depends on the treatment plan chosen for your needs. Contact us for more.

How long will my procedure last?

The procedure has several appointments of one hour each.  

Do I have to repeat the procedure?

No, you don’t have to repeat this procedure, unless the treatment fails to be permanent in the patient’s mouth. 

Is there a next prevention phase?

If the patient doesn’t undergo the treatment on time, they will experience loss of vitality and fracture of the tooth structure. The next prevention phase is rigorous and periodic dentist checks to keep the situation under control.